There are few stones we have not worked with over the last 40 years. Our experienced sales team can suggest a choice of suitable materials to suit the performance, budget and aesthetic requirements of your project.

We are happy to provide samples but remind customers that natural stone is subject to significant variation. There is no substitute for examining a stone close up and we strongly encourage all clients to visit our showroom to appreciate the fabric and texture of different stones and how they respond to different lighting conditions.

Once a stone has been chosen we can estimate the cost of sourcing, fabricating and fitting if approximate dimensions or design plans are available. Before we can offer a final quotation to fit stone we must complete a site survey and receive customer confirmation of all finishing details (cut-outs, edging, splashbacks, etc.). For projects where we are not required to fit, we can fabricate and finish stone to customer dimensions or design plans.

We will schedule our fitting team to survey the property, identify any access challenges and take precise measurements of stone requirements. Exact times cannot be guaranteed, due to the nature of the work and London traffic. The client or a client representative must be onsite to facilitate access and remain onsite and available to clarify requirements.

The following on site preparation is required before our team can accurately template customer requirements:

  • Cabinets should be fixed, firm, level and in final position ready to receive stone. No spans greater than 600mm can be unsupported (per British and Stone Federation standards)
  • Where the project involves replacing old worktops, these must be removed and the surfaces prepared ready to receive new stone
  • All appliances such as sinks, hobs, taps, soap dispensers, or other items which require cut outs, should be on site and available for measuring. If not, templates for these items must be provided and their positions should be clearly marked
  • Where required, wall battens should be securely fixed
  • If tiling is required, removal of existing materials and surface preparation must be completed. Floors should be firm and level. For example, if tiling to wooden floors, 18mm marine ply wood should be fixed at 150mm centres to the existing floor boards or directly to strengthened joists. We can price for this tiling preparation work if required (excluding water proofing, which requires third party specialist expertise)
  • All wet areas must be water proofed or “tanked” prior to templating, with suitable containment of any water that passes through the porous stone and falls to allow water to drain away and not pool and remain under the stone. This waterproofing or tanking, containment and falls for the water to run away is critical and tends to cause most of the shower enclosure failures we experience. Any trap used must be a double system i.e. a trap in the stone and in the tanking subfloor beneath and the connection between the two must be completed by a sufficiently long sealed pipe
  • Any additional templating/measuring visits resulting from insufficient preparation will incur an additional site visit charge and result in delay.

The colour, texture and fabric of natural stone can vary substantially across a slab and between slabs so it is important to view the slab prior to fabrication. Similarly some man made stones feature strong fabrics that produce significant variation across the slab. We encourage clients to view the slab prior to fabrication to confirm the cutting plan for the slab. All finishes, (such as edge details, cut outs and splash backs), must be agreed before fabrication can commence. We manufacture to industry standard tolerances of +/- 3mm. Once all details are agreed we will cut and finish the stone to the measurements recorded on the site visit. It is critically important that no changes are made on site between the site survey and fabrication.

Fitting can typically be scheduled within 7 days of completion of a site survey and client confirmation of finishing requirements subject to availability of the stone. We will template and fit the stone on agreed dates but exact times cannot be guaranteed, due to the nature of the work and London traffic. The client or a client representative must be onsite to facilitate access and remain onsite and available to clarify requirements. If, on calling to the property on the agreed date, we cannot gain access or discover that the site has not been prepared for fitting then a charge will be payable for the failed visit and another visit will require scheduling with a consequent delay.

Stone is heavy and large pieces may require extra manpower to carry on site. Similarly extra manpower will be required to carry stone to upper floors in the absence of a lift.

On the fitting day we require parking close to the property to facilitate the unloading of stone. We also require electrical power on site so that our fitters can use power tools if necessary to trim the stone.

We aim to please so will accommodate customers whenever possible. A site survey can typically be performed within 7 days of agreeing an estimate. Once the site survey is complete and the client has confirmed all finishing details we can commence cutting and finishing the stone. Fitting can typically be performed within 7 days of confirmation of all details, subject to the availability of stone.

Once a final quotation has been agreed payment is required to confirm the order. For orders of £1,000 or less full payment is required on placing the order. For orders of between £1,000 and £10,000 in value, payment of a 50% deposit is required to secure the stone with payment of the balance 50% required prior to fitting, delivery or collection of the finished stone. For orders over £10,000 in value, interim payments will be explicitly agreed on placing the order.

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